The second meeting of the Council of the Network Communication and Security Purple Mountain Laboratory was held

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On the afternoon of January 22, the second meeting of the first council of the Network Communication and Security Purple Mountain Laboratory was held to study the development of the Purple Mountain Laboratory. Chairman of the Board of Directors, Vice Governor of Jiangsu Province Ma Qiulin, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Nanjing Mayor Lan Shaomin attended the meeting and delivered a speech.


Network Communication and Security The Purple Mountain Laboratory is the first landmark project in Nanjing to build a comprehensive science center. Since the unveiling on August 28 last year, the laboratory has established the first council and academic committee to set up a laboratory test run. The management team of the period has carried out a series of systems and carriers, and achieved phased results.

In his speech, Ma Qiulin emphasized that it is necessary to take Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics as a guide, deepen the practice of new development concepts, grasp the requirements of high-quality development, and fully promote the construction of the Zijinshan laboratory. It is necessary to further innovate institutional mechanisms, establish a broad cooperation platform, innovate research cooperation models, establish an incentive evaluation mechanism, improve the service guarantee system, co-ordinate the strength of universities and research institutes inside and outside the province, and jointly invest in laboratory construction. It is necessary to further advance key tasks, combine the national network power strategy and the economic and social development needs of our province, scientifically select and carry out major mission research and development, and strive to make important progress on key front-end target products such as 5G key equipment, network operating system and millimeter wave chip. . It is necessary to further gather high-end talents, and take tangible measures in terms of policy support, mechanism guarantee, and capital investment to attract global excellent research teams to gather in the laboratory. To further create good conditions, all relevant departments of the province must perform their duties and responsibilities, closely communicate and cooperate, and carry out work in an efficient and orderly manner; Nanjing Municipality must effectively strengthen the main responsibility and actively guide the two levels of government and departments in the urban area to increase Support the strength and provide effective protection for project implementation.


Lan Shaomin pointed out that it is necessary to thoroughly study and implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's important thinking on network power, and to promote the development of Zijinshan Laboratory with pragmatic style and powerful measures to provide scientific and technological support for the construction of innovative cities. In terms of construction and operation, it is necessary to grasp the operation management and system improvement, and focus on talent pooling, partner building and carrier building, speed up the gathering of high-level talents, accelerate the cooperation with high-level partners, and accelerate the creation of high-quality carriers. In terms of scientific research organizations, we must adhere to the "three orientations" as the main direction and focus of the laboratory, accelerate the pre-research work, consolidate major tasks, and grasp the application of results, and explore a new model and new path to encourage the transformation of scientific research achievements. . In terms of innovation and development, we must focus on independent innovation, collaborative innovation, and open innovation, fully coordinate the gathering of national global innovation resources, promote the output of the world's top scientific research results, and form a "squatting effect" of outstanding wisdom.


Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Director of Network Communication and Security Purple Mountain Laboratory, Liu Yunjie, Director of the State Key Laboratory of Mobile Communications, Southeast University, and Executive Vice-President of Network Communication and Security Purple Mountain Laboratory, Yu Xiaohu, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Network Communication and Security Purple Mountain Zhang Jiangxing, deputy director of the laboratory, Zhang Lefu, deputy secretary general of the provincial government, Wang Qin, director of the Provincial Science and Technology Department, and Jiang Yuejian, deputy mayor of Nanjing, attended the meeting.

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